QDC New Plymouth Job

The famous “Franks Shed” came to an end last week with it being demolished after more than 30 years worth of battles to get his shed brought down. Frank built this Shed with no permits causing a battle between him and the New Plymouth District Council spending 5 times in court within 5 years.

When Frank died in February 2015, his daughter Vickie Amor-Ponte agreed to having Frank’s Shed demolished.

With the end of the job Vickie sent a lovely email

Hi Quality Demolition,

The Photos look pretty amazing of how you guys left it and I love how you retained the mountain side – my sister Marg said it looks like Picasso. Some people are amazed how big the space looks now there is no shed. The neighbour right next door was saying how the toilet is still there but, I am glad you left it. I got some nice photos of you guys working especially the roof coming down . You guys are so professional and it shows in the videos.

Thanks again,

Regards to your family and team

Cheers Vickie